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Big 5

Big 5 free slots

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Playing slots is a passion for many people. The thrill of not knowing what you get, the excitement of waiting for the three wheels to stop, and the rewards you get for playing are just simply too great to resist. It’s addicting.

However, not all people who love to play slots always have access to it. Some people just want to play without having to actually risk money. Others need a more accessible way to play slots. Fortunately, there’s one solution to solve all of these problems: the online slots.

Big 5 Slots

Big 5 slots game is an online and no download version of the popular slots machine seen in casinos all over the world. Like traditional slots, Big 5 slots have a 3 reel 1 line approach. Looking to impress gamers, Big 5 is really designed well with various illustrations and graphics.

The main theme is jungle animals. You will see an elephant, a lion, a leopard, a wildebeest, and a rhino. Being the “king of the jungle”, the lion symbol gives the player the biggest price in the slots game. Overall, the look and design of this no download slots game is top notch. It looks and feels very professional. Everything looks good from the animal designs to the “BAR” symbols found on the wheel.

When it comes to the sound effects, Big 5 also delivers good points on this area. To complete the feel of the real deal, the sounds are very accurate and catchy. You get the usual casino sounds along with spinning wheel effects and winning sounds which is a huge part of the overall experience of playing Big 5 slots.

Playing Big 5 Slots

You can bet from one to three coins in total. You have several denominations of coins as well ranging from $0.25 to $1. The bigger the bet you place, the better the pay off would be as with regular slots. However, the risk is also higher if you bet more coins.

If you want to play slots, Big 5 is one of the best options. It has a great online version, it is free to play and there is no download.