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Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack free slots

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Free Cracker Jack Slots

Whatever may be the event, fireworks usually intensify the enthusiasm and thrill. Cracker Jack extracts the brilliance of fireworks and integrates it with a neat slots game. Cracker Jack is a 3 reel, single pay line game with two coin slot. The theme of fireworks stretches out to encompass two firework symbols, the Cracker Jack and the Cracker. The jackpot in this game is 5000 coins.

Playing Free Cracker Jack Slots

Practically anybody can play the Cracker Jack slots as the coin prizes starts at a modest $0.25 with the top bet at $5.00. You are required to lay a wager of 2 coins to become qualified to win the jackpot in the free slot. Hence, the least amount of bet to try for the jackpot is $0.50 and the upper limit of bet is $10.

Winning Symbols in Cracker Jack Slots

The Cracker Jack is the wild, multiplier symbol in the slot game and can be used as a replacement for other symbols to form winning combinations. Over and above the fireworks symbols, there are 4 other symbols in Cracker Jack slots, the seven symbols and the common bar symbols. These 6 symbols creates nine winning combinations altogether.

Winning Combinations in Cracker Jack Slots

The Cracker Jack symbol is the match winner and is required to illumine the jackpot. If you are able to obtain 3 Cracker Jack symbols when playing 2-coin slot, you are on your way to win 5000 coins. The symbol also acts as a wild multiplier and multiplies any winning combination, it is a part. The presence of a single Cracker Jack symbol in a winning combination increases the payout two times and two such symbols make your winning fourfold.

Win Big in Free No Download Cracker Jack Slots

There are several 2-coin slot games with wild symbol and multiplier functions available online, but a majority of them have a jackpot that is considerably small. Cracker Jack has definite advantages of being a 2-coin slot that surpasses by a mile as it has a superior jackpot of 5000 coins. Check on the no download version with free play today itself.