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Crazy Chameleons

Crazy Chameleons free slots

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Crazy Chameleons Free Slots

The incredible, but crazy chameleons welcome you to the seashore to revel and enjoy the huge waves splashing around you. The impressive jackpot in this free slot game is 5,000 coins. The vibrant graphics along with the pleasant effect of the sun specifically create an ambiance for the online Crazy Chameleons slot game and this mood will definitely imbibe you too.

Playing Free Crazy Chameleons Slots

The free, Crazy Chameleons has five reels, five pay lines with 5-coin slot. The numerous pay lines enhance your likelihood of getting more prizes. The WAVE is the wild symbol in the Crazy Chameleons and you can form winning combinations by substituting the symbol for other symbols. The top payout in the slot game is 5,000 coins.

You can select a coin size from the modest $0.25 to a high of $5.00 in the free slot game. The lowest amount of wager to cover all 5 pay lines is $1.25 and the maximum is $25. Even when you play with small wagers, you will win amazing prizes. All winnings are counted from left to right or right to left. This indicates that the first symbol of a combination should either be on the left reel or on the right reel and should progress in sequence to the right or left as the case may be.

Winning Symbols in Crazy Chameleons Slots

The free Crazy Chameleons induces the caress of gentle breeze on your person with the sun shining bright. The seagulls bring you a win and evidently, big waves can make you incredibly rich. When playing the online slot game, you may think that you are surfing on the blue waves. The symbols that make you rich in this slot game are the Crazy Chameleons, Wave, the Sun, Seagull, Swimming Trunks, Surf Boards, Q, J and Ten.

Winning Combinations in Crazy Chameleons Slots

You will gain from 29 winning combinations in the no download Crazy Chameleons. The wild symbol, Wave, enhances your odds to win the jackpot in this slot game. The highest payout is 5,000 coins and is awarded if you are able to get 5 Crazy Chameleon symbols in an enabled pay line. This is followed by the second jackpot of 3,000 coins for5 Seagull symbols in an activated pay line. The third payout of 2000 coins is for the appearance of 5 Sun symbols in an enabled pay line.

Win Big in Free No Download Crazy Chameleons Slots

The online Crazy Chameleons slot can be accessible in the no download version and installation of special software is not required to play the game. Impressive wins in the slots game will bring excitement and joy and make the surfing vacation worth remembering. This is another chance to savor the infinite profundity of the sea and win big to make it nearer to your heart.