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Crazy Crocs

Crazy Crocs free slots

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Crazy Crocodile Free Slots

The free Crazy Crocodile is a traditional slots game, which encourages you to meet our modest green crocodile. You only need to befriend this diffident creature and the jackpot of 4000 coins will be in your bag. The online slot is a 3 reel, single pay line, and 3 coin slots game. The online game has a wild and scatter symbols. The jackpot in this slots game is 4000 coins. Crazy Crocodile slot is available in the no download format and for playing the game no special program is required.

Playing Free Crazy Crocodile Slots

The wild symbol in the free slot is the Crazy Crocodile itself, which can act as a substitute in place of other symbols to produce winning combinations. The scatter symbol is also Crazy Crocodile and a prize is payable for its appearance on any place on the three reels. The usual symbols in the online Crazy Crocodile slots are SEVEN, three types of BAR symbols and the special symbol CRAZY CROCODILE. You have the option to select a coin value from the range between $0.25 and $5.00. You need to stake 3 coins to become eligible to play for jackpot. The minimum bet for a jackpot play is $0.75 and the maximum bet per line is $15.00.

Winning Combinations in Crazy Crocodile Slots

The top prize of 4000 coins is for the appearance of 3 Crazy Crocodiles, when you place the maximum stake of 3 coins per line. The second jackpot is 2500 and is awarded if you happen to have 3 Crazy Crocodiles, when you place a 2-coins bet. You will obtain the third jackpot of 1000 coins for 3 Crazy Crocodiles on a single coin bet.

Win Big in Free No Download Crazy Crocodile Slots

You can also take advantage of the AUTOPLAY, in case you wish to play the slot automatically for a predetermined quantity at a desired coin value. The AUTOPLAY feature is accessible from the EXPERT button, underneath the game window. This 3 reel Crazy Crocodile slots will enchant any one who loves traditional games. The green crocodile appears to be a lure itself and will entice you to go for the top prize in this no download slot game.