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Diamond Dozen

Diamond Dozen free slots

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How to Play and Have Fun with Diamond Dozen Slots

You might not find a game of slots so engaging as Diamond Dozen. If you are a seasoned veteran at both the online and physical version of the slots, you’re familiar with the thrill a few spins can give you. But if you’re still a beginner and want to play a fun and multi-layered game of slots, Diamond Dozen Slots is easy to navigate and play. All you need is the latest Flash and a steady Internet connection and you’re set.

Here’s how you play a slots game on Diamond Dozen

Find Free Diamond Dozen Slots Online

When you see the prominent game screen on the center of the page, that’s basically Diamond Dozen slots frozen. By clicking on the image you activate a pop up screen where you can proceed and play with free slots.

Activate the Slots Pop Up Screen

Once the pop up screen is fully uploaded (Yes, no need to store this free slots game in your hard drive), you’re ready to begin. Loading usually takes around 10 to 20 seconds or even less.

Start the slots by clicking on “Spin”

Clicking on the “Spin” will have the reels spinning to form combinations possible across the 20 lines on the slots.

Place Your Bets

You may raise or decrease your bets on the slots by clicking on the downward or upward arrows on the sides of the “Bet” button. Click on the “Lines” button to manage the number of lines where you want to bet on combinations. You have a choice from 1 to 20 lines.

See How the Free Slots Go On Autoplay

When you click on the “Autoplay” button in the middle of the screen, the slots will automatically play consecutive games. The Line and Bet parameters you’ve set before pressing “Autoplay” will apply in this mode. You can disable this mode by clicking on the “Stop Auto” button.

Get help

To learn what you’re playing for and the symbols in Diamond Dozen free slots, click on the “Help” button next to “Bet.” Don’t worry, your game progress isn’t lost. Click on the “Return to Game” to return.

In “Help” you’ll learn about the Scatter and Substitute symbols, which are white and blue diamonds, respectively.

Activate the Diamond Delight Feature

One highlight of playing Diamond Dozen free slots is activating Diamond Delight Feature. This happens when you hit three or more White Diamonds anywhere on the reels. You can click on each white diamond to reveal a number combination. The numbers are then multiplied along with your bet to give you a total bonus. This only makes playing the slots even more exciting.

Create a Strategy While Playing Slots

We’ve mentioned the three important panels Balance, Bet, and Win. Keep your eyes on these and learn how they relate to each other. A player who considers his or her total bet by adjusting according to Balance and number of lines will have higher success.

Keep visiting the “Help” section to master all the symbols and eventually grasp the different combinations. It’s not that hard–Diamond Dozen slots, like it’s namesake, has many facets to enjoy as you play along.