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Double Wammy

Double Wammy free slots

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Double Wammy Slots

The free Double Wammy is a 3 coins slots game with 3 reels and a single 1 pay line. The online slots game has a wild multiplier symbol. The jackpot in this slots game is 2500 coins. The free slot is accessible in the no download mode and does not need installation of any particular program to play the game. The slots game can also be played free till you get a feel for it.

Playing Free Double Wammy Slots

The usual symbols in the free Double Wammy slots are the Red Seven, Bar-1, Bar-2, Bar-3, Cherries and the exclusive symbol Double Wammy. You can decide on a coin value between $0.25 and $5.00. To be entitled for the jackpot in the online Double Wammy, you are required to place a 3 coins bet. The lowest amount of wager to win the jackpot is $0.75 and the highest bet is $15.00.

Wild Multiplier in Double Wammy Slots

The wild multiplier symbol is the Double Wammy. The symbol can be used as replacements for other symbols to create winning combinations. A single Double Wammy symbol increases your payout twofold for the winning combination it is part of. Two such symbols make your winning fourfold. A lone Double Wammy symbol is not a winning symbol.

Jackpots in Double Wammy Slots

When you obtain 3 Double Wammy symbols on a 3 coin bet, you will win the jackpot of 2500 coins in the free Double Wammy. The second jackpot of 1600 is awarded for 3 Double Wammy symbols on a 2-coins bet. The third jackpot is 800 coins and is for 3 wild symbols when your bet is 1 coin.

Win in Free No Download Double Wammy Slots

If you desire to play a fixed number of slot games repeatedly at a preferred coin value, use the AUTOPLAY feature of the no download slots game. The AUTOPLAY can be accessed from the EXPERT button, beneath the game screen. The free Double Wammy slots will captivate any one who is fond of traditional games.