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Fantastic 7s

Fantastic 7s free slots

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Fantastic Sevens Free Slots

The free Fantastic Sevens is a 3 reel, single pay line with three coin slots. No wild symbols are available in this slots game and the highest payout is 2,500 coins. You have the chance to win from any of the 9 different winning combinations of the online slots game.

How to Play Free Fantastic Sevens Slots

The standard symbols in free Fantastic Seven slots are the Fantastic Seven, Red Seven, the Bar symbols and Cherries. The payouts for these symbols or a combination of symbols are detailed in the payable on the right of the game window. You can opt for the low coin price of $0.25 or go as high as $5.00. However, to obtain the jackpot, 3-coins bet needs to be placed. The least bet to obtain the jackpot is $0.75 and the maximum is $15.00 in this no download slots game.

Jackpots in Fantastic Sevens Slots

The Fantastic Seven is the top prized symbol. It is purely a jackpot symbol that awards the jackpot if you get three Fantastic Sevens in a row. When you play a 3-coin slot the reward for this combination is the jackpot of 2500 coins. The second jackpot of 1000 coins is also for three Fantastic Seven symbols, when you play a 2-coin bet. The red seven is another paying symbol in the slots game. A single cherry symbol doubles your bet.

Win Big in Fantastic Sevens Slots

The free game can be accessed in the no download format, which denotes that you require no program to play the online slot. You can also play the slots game for free until you become confident to switch for money play.