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Flower Power

Flower Power free slots

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Free Flower Power Slots

The free Flower Power is a superb garden themed slot. Take a leisurely walk in this exquisite garden of three reels and an equal pay lines. Do not be surprised if you happen to stumble upon unusual flowers of astounding beauty. However, the unique flower that breathes out invigorating fragrance is the Flower Power, which gives you the jackpot of 5000 coins.

The online Flower Power is a 3 reel, 3 pay lines with 3 coin slots game. Your likelihood to win is superior as there are multiple pay lines. The Flower Power is the wild symbol and can replace any other symbols to produce winning combinations. The jackpot in this slot is 5,000 coins. Each bet activates another pay line. You will be paid for winning combinations on active pay lines only.

Playing Free Flower Power Slots

The values of your bet can be any amount from $0.25 and $5.00. To be qualified for the jackpot you are required to bet and activate all three lines. Flower Power is quite a fascinating traditional slots game. There is a no download version of the game with the result that the requirement of special software to play the game can be avoided.

Dazzling pink backdrop with curious flowers generates the ambiance in this game. The fancy symbols you can come across in this garden are the Peace Symbol, a Flower symbol, Single Bar, Double Bar, Triple Bar and the symbol unique to this slots game, the Flower Power. The slots game has a wild symbol that effectively produces several winners. The game is essentially for those who are fascinated by uncomplicated games having huge prizes.

Jackpots in Flower Power Slots

The top payout relies on the line and the combination of symbols. Thus, it is a must that you bet all three lines to be entitled for the top jackpot. The jackpot of 5000 coins is awarded if you get 3 Flower Power symbols on the 1st pay line. The second jackpot is 3000 coins, which is for obtaining 3 Flower Power symbols on pay line 2. The third jackpots of 1500 are the reward for the appearance of 3 Flower Power symbols on pay line 1.

Win Big in No Download Flower Power Slots

Flower Power incorporates the traditional interface with grand prizes. The slots game is fun and can be played free. You can practice the game to familiarize yourself with the online slot. The slots game is vibrant and flowery, and bestows huge rewards and enjoyment.