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Free Vegas Slots Versus Las Vegas Casino Slots

One question that is often asked, is how the games at the online casinos and the free Vegas slots like Thunderstruck, Ladies Nite, Tomb Raider and Secret Admirer compare to the gaming devices in the real Las Vegas casinos. The answer just may surprise you. For some people, this will come as a pleasant surprise and for others, it will be a matter of disbelief and disdain but it remains true, no matter what your personal view is of Las Vegas casinos, gambling, gaming online or the actual free Vegas slots. It may be difficult to capture all of the subtle nuances of a live table game, poker game or craps table but the gaming devices themselves are quite easily to duplicate.

Las Vegas Casino Slots

Live table games are always going to be different from their Vegas slots counterparts. However, the Vegas slots games itself are easily and accurately duplicated and portrayed in relatively simple Vegas slots machines. You may not get all of the smoke in your face like you would in a real Las Vegas casino, or have people bumping into you while you are trying to roll the dice or place your bets. You may not even have the people trying to shout into your ear or the loud, obnoxious person next to you but you can still enjoy a game that is very similar in purpose and in end to the live table games in Las Vegas casinos.

Both the free online Vegas slots and the gaming devices in a real Las Vegas casino have one very important aspect in common. Both are controlled by relatively simple programming. In a Las Vegas casino environment, an entire slot machine can be easily converted from one type of slot machine to another with the change of a few EPROM’s or the addition or removal of a memory card. The main difference that you will find in the free Vegas slots is that all of the scripts or programs that control the Vegas slots games, are loaded onto a server rather than individual Vegas slot machines.

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In essence, you have all of your favorite free Vegas slot games Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck, Secret Admirer, Ladies Nite and others rolled up nicely into one Vegas slot machine … your computer … right there at your fingertips in the comfort of your own home or office … or anywhere else you choose to relax and you can get online for that matter. The programs themselves are not very different except for some aspects of the user interface. While the slots in a Las Vegas casino may have a nice touch screen interface, you may have to use a mouse at home. Just about every other aspect of the Vegas slots remains the same both in the real Las Vegas casinos and with the free Vegas slots.

The mechanics of the Vegas slots programming is such that it can be run equally as well from a computer server somewhere as it can from single or networked slot machine in a Las Vegas casino environment. In fact, many Las Vegas casinos now have networks that control their slots so that it is in reality very close to exactly what you are gambling with on the free Vegas slots. Many of the free online Vegas slots share the same names as Vegas slots in the casino. When the truth is revealed, the free Vegas slots share more than just the name in common.

The Real Difference Between Online Slots and Las Vegas Slots

If you enjoy all of the raucous behaviour in the Las Vegas casinos, then nothing will ever replace that for you in total. However, the fact remains that you really can enjoy the same Secret Admirer, Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck, Ladies Nite and other Vegas slots online with free no download slots. The only real difference is going to be the machine you sit at while you play.