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Gladiators Gold

Gladiators Gold free slots

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Gladiators Gold Slots: Winning Made Easy

Be one with the league of gladiators in this classic slots game of chance. Gladiators Gold is a 3-reel and 3 pay line no download slots game that offers a maximum payout of 4,000 coins or $20,000 in cash. But more to this huge payout, Gladiators Gold offers exciting features for gamers.

Gladiators Gold Features

Gladiators Gold is a pretty direct slots game, which means there are no multipliers, no scatter symbols, no wild symbols and no free spins. The combinations you get are final so it’s a reel game that is easy to understand and easy to win, too! Gladiator slots game is lacking of miscellaneous items, which makes it easy to play. And because it’s non-progressive, it’s a great slots game for newbies to try.

The quality of graphics and sound effects are what set this free online slots game apart from the rest of the reel games. But this is no surprise, as it was created by one of the top names in the gaming industry, Microgaming. So play now Gladiators Gold slots, listen to the sound of the trumpets as you spin the reel and be transported to a virtual slots world of gladiator glory.

Gladiators Gold slots game also features classic symbols including single, double and triple bars, 7s and of course, the Gladiator coins which appear if you win the slots jackpot.

You win the highest payout of 4,000 coins if you hit three gold symbols on one payline. And since there are only 3 paylines, you have better chances in Gladiators Gold slots than in any other reel game.

How to Play Gladiators Gold Slots?

There are only three buttons to press: Bet One, Bet Max, and Spin. The Bet One and Bet Max buttons determine how much you can win or lose in the slots game, and the Spin button serves as the “start” button.

To play, you first need to place a bet. The value of coins you can bet range from $0.25 to $15 . If you want to start with the minimum bet, simply click on the button “Bet One” and from there, you can adjust your bet by clicking the + and – icons beside the “Bet One” button. However, if you are feeling lucky, you can also click the “Bet Max” button to place the highest bet value per coin.

After placing your bet, you can then click on the “Spin” button and the computer will automatically spin for combinations. Keep in mind though that to win the jackpot you need x3 Red 7 symbols on an active pay line. This means that you have to place a bet of three $5 coins. However, if you don’t want to risk more money and just want to have some fun, you can choose to place a minimum bet of $0.25, from which you can win a maximum payout of $250.

Gladiators Gold reel game is indeed not only one of the easiest no download slots to play here on our site, but also one of the slots that offer big chances to win!