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Gopher Gold

Gopher Gold free slot machine

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Free Gopher Gold Slots

Are you looking for an excursion into an unpretentious underground realm? The friendly gopher will show you his mansion, and will guide you throughout the slots game. The remarkable jackpot in free Gopher Gold slots is 12000 coins. The lively visuals and the stimulating appearance of gold explicitly produce an environment for this game, and without doubt this atmosphere will take you in too.

The free Gopher Gold is a 5-coin slot having 5 independent reels and 5 pay lines. The odds at winning are more because of there are several pay lines. The wild symbol in the online slots game is the Wild Gopher, and it can create winning combinations with other symbols. The highest payout in the slot is 12000 coins. In addition, this free slot needs no download or special software is for playing the game. You can also practice the game free, till you are comfortable with the intricacies of the slots game.

Playing the Free Gopher Gold Slots

The no download Gopher Gold is a brilliant merger of the traditional slot game with the contemporary. The inclusion of a comical theme and its large prizes give further character to the slot game. The symbols that make you rich in this slot game are the Gopher Gold, Dynamite, Pick and Sack, Mining Truck, Lantern, Ace, K, Q, J and Ten.

You can decide on a coin price that commence from the tiny $0.25 to the large $5.00. The smallest amount to stake all five pay lines is $1.25 and the maximum is $25. Even small bets will fetch you astounding prizes. The first symbol in a winning combination ought to be on the left reel or the right reel and the other symbols in the combination should be in consecutive order, either to the right or to the left.

Jackpot in Free Gopher Gold Slots

If you can obtain 5 Gopher Gold symbols in an activated pay line, you will be the winner of the top jackpot of 12,000 coins. The 2nd jackpot is 5,000 coins and is rewarded for the possession of 5 Dynamite symbols in an active pay line. The 3rd jackpot of 2000 coins is for the emergence of 5 Pick and Sack symbols in an activated pay line.

Win Big in No Download Gopher Gold Slots

There are 29 winning combinations to take advantage of in the free Gopher Gold. The Wild Gopher symbol increases your chances to win the top payout. So, seek the Wild Gopher as often as feasible to make your expedition a significant one. This is an opportunity to take pleasure in the vast complexity of the underworld and win large amounts.