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High Five

High Five free slots

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Free High Five Slots

The free High Five is a conventional 3 reel, 1 pay line with 3 coin slots. The online slots game has high payouts and is prepared to fetch you a bountiful life with lots of wealth. The free High Five slot is fun and you can delight in the game completely besides winning awesome payouts. The slots game needs no download and can be played instantly using any internet connection.

Playing Free High Five Slots

The usual symbols that generate passionate vibes and elegant payouts in the free game consist of the High 5, Red 7, 7-Bar, the Bar symbols and the Cherries. Any one can play the online High Five slots game as the coin price commences from a modest $0.25 and can go up to $5.00. You are required to lay 3 coins bet to be entitled for the jackpot in this slots game. So, the lowest amount of bet needed to play for jackpot is $0.75 and the highest bet is $15.

Wild Symbol in Free High Five Slots

The wild symbol is the High 5 symbol, which can be a replacement for other symbols to create winning combinations. Your payouts also get multiplied by the wild symbol for the winning combination it completes. A lone High Five symbol increases your prize money by 5 times and two such symbols multiply your payout by 25 times. However, a solitary High 5 symbol cannot multiply or be a substitute for any other symbol. Three High 5 symbols when placing a 3 coin bet will fetch you the jackpot of 15,000 coins.

Jackpots in High Five Slots

If you get 3 High 5 symbols on a 3 coins bet, you will obtain the massive jackpot of 15000 coins in the free slots. The second jackpot of 5000 coins is paid to 3 High 5 symbols when 2 coins are staked. The third jackpot of 2000 coins is for 3 High 5 when you bet with a single coin.

Win Big in No Download High Five Slots

The central idea of the free online slots game is simplicity and ease of play. The no download slot can be played with great ease and you can win the staggering jackpot of 15,000 coins. The free High Five slot will help you to loosen up by engrossing you in this high return free slots game. If you are fortunate, you may be dreaming of the enormous jackpot and winning huge amounts.