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Lions Share

Lions Share free slots

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Free Lions Share Slots

The free Lions Share is a conventional 3 reel, 1 pay line having 3 coin slots. The online slots game displays an endearing Lion who is more than prepared to carry you to a life of abundance and wealth. The free slot has calming and peaceful attributes. The foremost theme of the slot is ease of play and simplicity. The Lions Share can be played with great ease to win the amazing payout of 8000 coins. You can play the game instantly as there is no download needed for accessing the game.

Playing Free Lions Share Slots

Coin prices are so not rigid and almost any person can participate in the Lions Share slots game. The bet starts from a modest $0.25and moves up to $5.00. You should lay maximum 3 coins bet to obtain the jackpot in the slots game. Thus, the smallest bet to win the top prize is $0.75 and the upper limit of bet is $15. The regular symbols that produce intense ambiance and offer attractive payouts include the Lions Head, Cash, the Bar symbols and the Cherries.

Wild Symbol in Free Lions Share Slots

The wild symbol in this free slots game is the Lions Head which can be made use of as a substitute symbol to create winning combinations. Lions Head symbol is also a multiplier and multiplies your winnings. A lone Lions Head doubles your winnings and two such symbols make your winnings fourfold. You should place a 3 coin bet to get the jackpot of 8,000 coins.

Jackpots in Lions Share Slots

The enormous jackpot of 8,000 coins is for obtaining 3 Lions Head symbols on a 3 coins bet. The second jackpot is 4,000 coins and is payable if you get 3 Lions Head symbols on a 2 coins bet. If you lay only a single coin bet and you obtain 3 Lions Heads, you are eligible for the third jackpot of 2,000 coins.

Win Big in No Download Lions Share Slots

During unplanned weekends, the free Lions Share slots game can be of great assistance to pass time and give you relaxation. It is possible that you may become lucky and win huge amounts. Loosen up and make most of the online Lions Share slots game and win thrilling prizes.