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Lucky Eight Line

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Free Lucky 8 line Slots

The free Lucky 8 Line slots game is enormous fun entertainment and brings you lots of luck. You will definitely get addicted to this free slots game once you start winning money. Lucky 8 Line slots game has 9 independent spinning reels and 8 exclusive pay lines. The jackpot in the Lucky 8 slots is 1000 coins per bet line.

Playing Online Lucky 8 Line Slots

The coin values in the slots game is fixed at either $0.10 or $0. 20. You can bet 8 coins per bet line. So, the minimum you need to bet to cover all 8 lines is $0.80 and the maximum bet to cover all bet lines is $12.80 You should ideally bet 8 coins per line to maximize your winnings. There are several winning combinations in the free Lucky 8 Line slots game and persistence will bring you great rewards.

Symbols in No Download Lucky 8 Line Slots

The 7 symbol acts as the scatter symbol in the Lucky 8 Line slots game. The appearance of scatter 7 symbols on an active pay line 2 to 9 times, your bet will get multiplied 2 to 1000 times. The jackpot in this slots game is paid for the appearance of 9 Seven symbols on active pay line. Some of the regular symbols in the free Lucky 8 Lines slots game include bar1, bar2, bar3, bell, orange, lemon, cherries and grapes. Each of these symbols have a specific winning value and it is time to start spinning and become apart of the free, online Lucky 8 Lines slots game.

Other Features of the Free Lucky 8 Lines Slots

Lucky 8 Line slots game has Auto-play and Skill-stop features. By taking advantage of the Skill-stop feature, you can stop the spin of the wheel randomly to generate possible winning combinations. Using the Auto-play feature, You can spin the slots for a select number of spins at a desired coin value automatically. You can leave the entire functioning of the game to theAuto-play mode.  You only need to choose the number of bet line, coin values and the number of spins, the rest will be done automatically.

There are 6 important buttons in the Lucky 8 Line slots game, which include all lines, paytable, spin, max bet, clear bets and single line. Using these buttons you can alter and amend the way you bet. The slots game needs no download to play and is infinitely exciting. So, do not hesitate, Lucky 8 might prove to be lucky.