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Pandamonium free slots

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Free Pandamonium Slots

The free Pandamonium is a vibrant and lively slots game with 3 reels, single pay line and 1-coin slot. It has a number of awesome characteristics and bonus games. You can bet one coin only in this slots game. The coin value begins at a modest $0.10 and you can bet as high as $10 per spin. Your winnings depend on the symbols displayed in the winning combination. The jackpot is 2000 coins and is paid for the appearance of 3 Panda symbols. The next jackpot of 250 coins is awarded to you if three Underpants symbols emerge in the pay line.

The free slots game has Panda, Underpants, Purple Guitar, Blue 7, Red Guitar, Gold Bar, Bat, Pan Pipe and Cherries as regular symbols and when three of them in a row appear on the line you will be the winner.

Special Features in Free Pandamonium Slots

Two additional exciting features included in the online slots game are the Nudge and the Hold features. The Nudge feature prompts you to move the reel one step to display the subsequent symbol to form winning combinations. You are able to amass up to 4 nudges when playing the regular slots game. You may win up to 15 nudges when playing the Pandamonium Pit Bonus game. Using the Hold feature, you can hold a reel or reels for the next spin. When a win occurs, the Pandamonium Pit Bonus game is activated.

Playing Pandamonium Pit Bonus Game

The Pandamonium Pit Bonus game comprises of 20 game positions. You can move forward on the course by clicking on the spin button. The random number that appears on the bonus wheel moves you forward. All areas on the track include a feature of the game, which lets you earn cash and prizes. You need to be watchful as there are pitfalls along the way, which ends the bonus game. Whenever you obtain a feature, you are offered an option to collect the feature or continue to play which enables you to get a better feature or prize. Every bonus feature presents you with vast opportunities to win big bonuses, prizes and much more.

Reel Bonus Game in Online Pandamonium Slots

Another feature of the free slots game is the Reel Bonus game. There are symbols on the no download slots that have numbers imprinted on them. These occur at no particular order and you have to amass such numbers to advance to the Reel Bonus game. However, to become eligible for the payout, you must have a minimum count of seven numbers.

Win Big in No Download Pandamonium Slots

Besides, there are many other facets that get activated at random that fetch you additional Payouts. There are random flashes and you need to click on the stop button to win the specified prize.