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Reels Royce

 Reels Royce free slots

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Free Reels Royce Slots

The theme of this free slots game is a gleaming old fashioned Rolls Royce. The online game entices you with its jackpot of 4000 coins to ride in the magnificent Reels Royce. The exclusive symbol that that fetches you the jackpot is the Reels Royce Seven. You will be able to find quite a few of the traditional symbols like Seven, 3 Bars, 2 Bars, 1 Bar and Cherries. The special symbol is the Reels Royce Seven and the slots game is fast-paced as the Rolls Royce.

Playing Free Reels Royce Slots

The free Reels Royce has 3 independent reels with 3 pay lines and 3 coin slots. Numerous pay lines in the slots game help you in winning more payouts. The no download slots game has no wild symbols. When you bet with additional coins, you are activating a pay line. In order to get paid the winning combinations should be on activated pay lines. The coin values can range from $0.25 and go up to $5.00. The online game is really for those who have a fascination for simple and unfussy games that have vast prizes. No download is required to play the game and nor any special software is needed.

Jackpots in Online Reels Royce Slots

In order to win the jackpot in Reels Royce slots game, you should play with maximum coins. The jackpot of 4000 coins is paid to you, if you are able to obtain 3 Reels Royce Seven symbols on the 3rd pay line. The 2nd jackpot of 2000 coins is for obtaining 3 Reels Royce Seven symbols on the 2nd pay line. The third jackpot of 1000 is awarded to you for 3 Reels Royce Symbols on the first pay line.

Win in No Download Slots

The free Reels Royce slots game is great fun and can be can be practiced free. The online game is vibrant, fast-paced and grants massive rewards. This is a classic slots game with uncomplicated rules and amazing payouts. Win the top jackpot in this slots game and ride in this superb car.