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A gambling addiction is not something that should be taken lightly. As with any addiction, there are varying levels and degrees and different people will have different results with different programs and therapy for their addictions. While some people may be able to quit gambling cold turkey, others may need to wean themselves at a more gentle pace. For those people who will not be able to quit gambling immediately, there may be a simpler solution with the free video slot games like Golden Dragon, Lions Share, Oriental Fortune, Roman Riches etc.

One of the best examples of this may be the nicotine addict. People who are addicted to nicotine are frequently incapable of quitting immediately. A great many of them will switch to a lighter cigarette and then begin rationing their cigarette intake. The free video slot games offer just such a solution to people who may suffer from gambling addictions. Rather than trying, and subsequently failing to quit all at once, free video slot games may offer them a lighter substitute until such a time that they may more adequately wean themselves of the habit altogether.

One of the most devastating effects of gambling addictions is the loss of actual cash. Roman Riches, Golden Dragon, Oriental Fortune, Lions Share and other free video slot games allow the avid (and even the addicted) gambler, to enjoy all of the same fun and exciting video slot gaming without spending any cold, hard cash out of their pocket. Some symptoms of withdrawal may be present at first, but once you have found a good online casino with free video slot games, you may be pleasantly surprised at the actual results. Unlike the casinos in the real world, you need not break out the credit card and part with your funds. Rather, you can begin playing free video slot games from the comfort of your own home, enjoying your life as you normally would and with less distractions or financial loss.

Play Free Video Slot Games and Feel the Thrill

If you feel that enough of the thrill is missing with the free video slot games and you are concerned that you may return to your previous state, take a different approach instead. Try establishing a system of rewards and punishment to enhance your free video slot gaming experience. Reward yourself when you hit a video slot jackpot online. It may be something so simple as an opportunity to go outside and smoke a cigarette or enjoy a bowl of ice cream. For extra big video slot jackpots, you may reward yourself with something that you have wanted for quite some time. The money you save gambling with free video slot games will buy a lot more than your winnings ever did when you were gambling away your financial freedom.

Likewise, find a means to punishment yourself if you spend too much time losing online. This could be done with housework or even home improvements. Again, with the actual money you save gambling in online casinos with free video slot games, you will have a lot more money left over to fix up your home the way you have always wanted it. Force yourself to spend more time away from the gambling when you lose and make your punishment something that is rewarding as well. It may be nothing more than a fresh coat of paint on your home or it may be the additional room for the kids now that they are getting a little older. Whatever it is though, make certain that the end results are always something positive.

Again, gambling addictions should not be taken lightly. If you need professional help, we recommend that you get it. However, if your concerns are more financial than anything else, it really may not be a bad idea for you to try your hand at free video slot games online and see how you can better win and lose with all of your own money still in your own pockets. Test Oriental Fortune, Roman Riches, Golden Dragon, Lions Share and other free video slot games.